Family Assistance Fund

This fund is used to assist families dealing with chronic pain syndromes. Below is a complete description of what the family assistance fund was created to be used for.


The funds from the Family Assistance Fund will be used to assist a family with a child (pediatric, teen, or even adult living with a pain disorder acquired as a child) with pediatric pain or the applicant directly to cover such costs as medical equipment that is not covered by insurance, therapy (i.e.: occupational or physical) that is not covered by insurance, the costs associated with traveling to meet a pediatric pain specialist (food, lodging, transportation costs), the cost of respite care so that the primary caretaker can have a break, and partial or full scholarships to camps or special programs or enrichment activities which are tailored to a child with pediatric pain. The Fund will have a set amount allocated to it per fiscal year (October 1st – September 30th). Once all the monies have been allocated, applications will be put aside for the following year. Awards will be paid directly to supplier for what funds are being used for (i.e. wheelchair — payee will be wheelchair company supplying wheelchair, etc.).

What Criteria Will Be Used in Deciding Who Gets Awarded Funding?

Applications will be reviewed every 2-3 months. Each of the following criteria will be given equal weighting in importance:

  • Financial Need (Proof through copy of tax return or letter from social worker may be required).
  • Intended Use of Funds
  • Length of Time Applicant Affected has been Dealing with Pain Condition (s)
Meet a recipient of TCAPP’s Family Assistance Fund.

Donate to the Family Assistance Fund

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