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EDS Massachusetts/New England Support Group Recommendations of Doctors/Medical Contacts:             Last updated: 9/28/2014  
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Sanjay Bansal, M.D.
Pediatric Endocrinologist
Familiar with secondary Vitamin D deficiency, thyroid disorders that may accompany some chronic pain conditions.

Richard Barnum, M.D.
Pediatric Private Psychiatrist
Extremely versed in the effect of chronic pain conditions on the pediatric patient, the families, and the complexities encountered through the medical system.
(617) 469-3911

Jaime Belkind-Gerson, M.D.
Pediatric Gastroenterologist


Stuart Braun, M.D.
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Familiar with joint instability and conservative measures to stabilize them.

Kipp Dye, PT
Physical Therapist

Familiar with recognizing and working with RSD/CRPS

Alexander Flores, M.D.
Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Familiar with motility disorders such as gastroparesis, abdominal pain that accompany many pediatric pain conditions.

Jodi Hoffman, M.D.
Pediatric and Adult Connective Tissue Geneticist
Familiar with Connective Tissue Disorders.

Steven Hwang, M.D.
Pediatric and Adult Neurosurgeon
Familiar with neurosurgical complications that can accompany Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome such as occult tethered cord, tethered cord, cranial cervical instability and chiari malformation.

Alisa Niksch, M.D.
Pediatric Cardiologist

Extremely versed in dysautonomia, POTS, and other types of syncope that accompany mitochondrial dysfunction, EDS, or RSD/CRPS

Joan Stoler, M.D.
Geneticist for Connective Tissue Disorders

Mitchell Strominger, M.D.
Pediatric and Adult Neuroopthalmologist
Familiar with Ehlers-Danlos and Mitochondrial Disorders

Lynn Wachs, M.D.

Familiar with helping to manage as a pediatrician chronic pain cases.
phone: (781) 487-4340

Harry Webster, M.D.
Pediatric Physiatrist
Familiar with and able to work with gait abnormalities encountered in Ehlers-Danlos Patients and RSD/CRPS.

TCAPP does not endorse these doctors, their names are provided by at least one client suffering from a pediatric pain condition that has had a positive experience; this does not mean that eveyone’s experience with that particular doctor has been positive. Keep in mind, choosing doctors is much like trying on shoes… each perfect fit may be different for each individual.

We rely on recommendations from patients, if you have had a positive experience with a physician and feel like they should be on this list, please submit the doctor’s name, specialty, internet link or office telephone number and what they have helped you with.

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