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Welcome to the New Hampshire page, we are happy you are here! TCAPP does not have an ambassador for this state.  If you are interested in volunteering or have additions for this page, please contact PAM@TCAPP.ORG.

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Medical Professionals

Brian D. Kossak, MD
Pediatric Neurologist

George P. Lantz, DO
Pain Management Doctor


Bruce Meyers, MD 

John H. Yost, MD
Pediatric Rheumatologist


TCAPP does not endorse these doctors, their names are provided by at least one client suffering from a pediatric pain condition that has had a positive experience; this does not mean that eveyone’s experience with that particular doctor has been positive. Keep in mind, choosing doctors is much like trying on shoes… each perfect fit may be different for each individual.

We rely on recommendations from patients, if you have had a positive experience with a physician and feel like they should be on this list, please submit the doctor’s name, specialty, internet link or office telephone number and what they have helped you with.

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