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TCAPP and Genelex: Partners in battling pediatric pain

TCAPP is proud to partner with Genelex in the important battle against pediatric pain.  If your child uses medication to help with pediatric pain, we encourage you to evaluate their personalized prescribing system at The Genelex Blog, PGx in Practice September 11, 2014 It’s tragic when a young life is haunted by the specter of… Continue Reading »

Power Up for Mito

During the third week of September (the 14th through the 20th), the Mito community comes together to raise awareness for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. Visit Mito Action’s website at for ways you can be a part. Why is Awareness Week important? “Thousands of families face the reality of living with mitochondrial disease. During the third… Continue Reading »

Paving The Way! Back To School For Kids In Pain

When a child is living with pain and chronic health issues, back to school can be a time of mixed emotions and added logistics for parents to navigate. I woke up this morning, ignored the pit in my stomach and made THAT call. You know, the call to the Special Education Director to give an… Continue Reading »

TCAPP Physician Conference Opens Up to Patients

Registration is Closed TCAPP IS EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE ARE ABLE TO OPEN UP OUR 1 DAY CONFERENCE,  PAIN IN PEDIATRIC WITH COMPLEX CHRONIC DISEASES, TO PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES. Join us September 13th in Washington DC at the Key Bridge Marriot to hear Dr. Francomano, Dr. Henderson, Dr. Teasely, Dr. Rowe, Dr, Niksch,… Continue Reading »

Grants available to help pay for children’s health care costs

Johnson City Press August 12th, 2014 1:17 pm by STAFF REPORTS NASHVILLE — The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation is seeking grant applications from families in need of financial assistance to help pay for their child’s health care treatments, services or equipment not covered or not fully covered by a commercial health insurance plan. Qualifying families can receive up… Continue Reading »

What It’s Really Like To Be Chronically Ill

What It’s Really Like To Be Chronically Ill By:  Laura Anne, Society’s recent obsession with cancer stories and movies like The Fault in Our Stars made me realize that the average person doesn’t know what it’s really like to be sick. Chronically sick. What it’s like to wake up every morning and know you’re never going to… Continue Reading »

Tell your doctors about this conference: Pain in Pediatrics with Complex Chronic Disease

Would you like your doctors to understand more about your child’s complex chronic disease? Invite them to Pain in Pediatrics with Complex Chronic Disease.  This one day class with CME’s will be taught by: Timothy Bunchman, MD Professor & Chief of Nephrology and UroRenal Clinic, Virginia Commonwealth University Children’s Hospital of Richmond. Clair A. Francomano,… Continue Reading »

Would you like to Guest Blog?

We hope you enjoy our blog, Parents Talk! Since there is no manual for how to parent a child in chronic pain, or how to navigate the sometimes seemingly endless abyss of physical and emotional challenges, we have created this space to explore and discuss the unique parenting and family issues that so many of… Continue Reading »

That Space Between Us

You will always be my baby, my child, my soul – you are part of me. Your challenge is my challenge, your illness is my illness, and your pain is my pain. I would give anything to trade places and take what you must endure each day. I would do anything to make all the… Continue Reading »

Making Hope When the Medical System Can’t (Part 2)

Deborah J. CornwallHuffpost Healthy Living, July 12, 2014 Autonomic disorders, like POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, sometimes called simply Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) and Neurocardiogenic Syncope involve body systems that are supposed to work automatically — controlling your heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing, thinking, temperature, digestion, vision and more — but don’t work as they should. Such conditions affect between 500,000 and… Continue Reading »

Invisible Illness: How to Sustain Hope?

By:  Deborah J. CornwallHuffpost Healthy Living, July 12, 2014 Think about your everyday life — how taking a run, or walking your dog on the beach, or socializing with friends are just part of a normal day. How you share daily responsibilities with others. How you set long-term goals and arrange your life to pursue… Continue Reading »

Walk and Bake Sale to Benefit TCAPP

Rosemary Wiser, one of our first TCAPP Kids, is hosting a walk and bake sale to raise awareness for RSD/CRPS.   For those that don’t know, RSD/CRPS is a condition of the nervous system that causes serve nerve pain among other things. Rosemary has been living with it for years now and not enough people… Continue Reading »

Tri-City Senior Overcomes Rare Disorder

By Maggie MenderskiStaff Writer Posted Jun. 8, 2014 @ 9:30 pm  BUFFALO — For Kaylee Edwards, the biggest high school test often was just getting out of bed in the morning.After she overcame that obstacle, the senior at Tri-City High School had to worry about making it through first hour and the possibility of fainting on… Continue Reading »