Think Tank 2014

TCAPP 2014 Think Tank

TCAPP’s Pediatric Think Tank annually brings together esteemed pediatric and adult medical experts from across the country to share ideas and strategize how to offer better treatment. 

These Think Tanks get everyone together in one room for the discovery of common ground. Dr Chopra, a member of the TCAPP Medical Advisory Board  states “We need to educate each other from our different perspectives and training so we can find our what works and what doesn’t, what we know and what we need to know.”

Our 2014 Think Tank would not have happened without the generous support of Genelex. Pharmacogenetic testing can be very helpful when determining treatment paths for children in pediatric pain.  Learn more about pharmacogenetic testing and how it can and has impacted patients by viewing videos by Brain Hocum and Dr. Pocinki.  TCAPP thanks you Genelex.

TCAPP 2014 Think Tank Videos

Title:  Overview of Pharmacogenetic Testing and Utility

Author: Brian Hocum, PharmD

Title:  YouScript Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Now

Author: Brian Hocum, PharmD

Title:  Pharmacogenetics Case Studies

Author: Alan G. Pocinki, MD

Title:  Unexplained Pain? Multiple Systemic Complaints? Think Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Author: Clair A. Francomano, M.D.
Harvey Institute for Human Genetics
Baltimore Maryland

Presented By: Jean Teasley, M.D.
Director of Pediatric Palliative Care
Associate Professor of Pediatric Neurology
VCU Medical Center

This lecture discusses Ehlers Danlos, the various types, and how many of the types overlap symptomatically and an overview of its multisystem issues that can create pain in pediatric patients anywhere from joint pain to neuropathy to GI pain to chest pain, etc.

Title: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome: Diagnosis and Management

Author: Alisa L. Niksch, MD
Pediatric Cardiologist at Tufts Floating Hospital for Children, Boston, MA

This lecture will go over what POTS is (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and how pediatric patients may present with heightened pain, anxiety type symptoms, dizziness, and/or, fatigue. It will then let pediatricians, pediatric specialists know how they can begin to see if POTS is possible by simple orthostatic pressures and heart rate measurements and what the next steps in diagnosing and treatment may be.

Title: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its Related Disorders

Author: Peter Rowe, MD
Pediatric Internal Medicine Specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital

As a Chronic Fatigue Specialist, this topic will focus on pain and chronic fatigue and multi-faceted disorders that are likely causing it from sleep disorders, to connective tissue disorders, to autoimmune conditions.

Title: Nephrology Issues with Connective Tissue Disorders and Mitochondrial Disorders

Author: Timothy Bunchman, M.D.
Professor & Director of Pediatric Nephrology at VCU Medical Center

This lecture discusses Complex Pain Conditions that are due to Connective Tissue Disorders or Mitochondrial Disorders can often affect the electrolyte balance of the patient, the dehydration, etc. This lecture will go over how that can be monitored, treated, and watched from a nephrology perspective.

Title: Dealing with Pain in EDS and Neuropathic Pain Co-Morbidities

Author: Pradeep Chopra, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor at Brown Medical School and Director of Pain Management Center of Rhode Island

Title: Neurosurgical Options for Pediatric Complex Pain Conditions Involving Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Fraser Cummings Henderson, Sr. M.D.
The Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group

This lecture will go over the basics of pediatric pain that presents as incontinence, lower back pain, numbness and tingling of limbs, arms, dizziness, and headaches. It will then describe how to quickly assess for hypermobility  and if present, to consider neurosurgical conditions such as Occult Tethered Cord (OTC), Chiari, CCI (Cranial Cervical Instability), and Pseudotumor Cerebri.

Title: The Consensus Statement CSF Foundation Multi-Disciplinary Colloquium for Cranio – Cervical Hypermobility

Fraser Cummings Henderson, Sr. M.D.
The Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group

Title: Neuroradiology Techniques Used to Access Neurosurgical/Neurovascular Abnormalities in EDS

Author: Myles Koby, MD

Title: Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain in Patients with EDS

Author: Jean Teasley, M.D.
Pediatric Neurologist at VCU Medical Center

This educational piece will talk about what peripheral neuropathic pain is and how it may present. It will cover co-morbid chronic complex diseases that often present with peripheral neuropathic pain such as RSD/CRPS, EDS, Mitochondrial Disorders or Dysfunction, and/or Autoimmune conditions.

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