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Walk and Bake Sale to Benefit TCAPP

Rosemary Wiser, one of our first TCAPP Kids, is hosting a walk and bake sale to raise awareness for RSD/CRPS.   For those that don’t know, RSD/CRPS is a condition of the nervous system that causes serve nerve pain among other things. Rosemary has been living with it for years now and not enough people know about it. She is hoping to change that.

The walk and bake sale are going to be on July 26 in Bridgton ME.  They will gather at 10:30 for an 11:00 am walk on the lawn of the Bridgton Community Center. The walk will make a loop through downtown Bridgton.

In addition to the walk we will be having a bake sale from 10 am on in front of the Oberg Agency building on Main St.

We need to order t-shirts soon, so if you would like one please sign up on the registration link- even if you cannot be there the day of.

Registration: httpss://

The money raised from this event will go to two organizations who do amazing things for people living with RSD/CRPS: the RSDSA ( and The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain ( .

Event Facebook page: httpss://

Online donations:

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